See what our customers have to say about the product and the experience with Heartland Pergolas.

Brian T.

It only took me and one other person approximately 10 man hours to install this, start to finish.

Madison, WI

Eric Visios

My wife loves our white vinyl pergola from Heartland Pergolas. We were incredibly impressed with the customer support - every time we needed something they had it ready and waiting for us. We even called one Saturday afternoon with an installation question and they answered. It was a surprisingly great experience.

Newark, New Jersey

Lee Blobner

Looks good, quality, well engineered. Would highly recommend if looking for a vinyl pergola.

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania


We’ve had some big 50-60-70 mph winds since our pergola was put in and we’ve never lost anything. They are aluminum and covered with vinyl, they’re very strong and have held up to everything.

Des Moines, IA

Roger A.

The installers were able to put our new pergola straight on top of our existing pillars. We were worried we'd have to tear everything up and start over, instead we were able to fall in love with our outdoor space again!

Cedar Rapids, IA

Jacob B.

When I got to the job site I found that the dimensions were actually 3 to 4 inches shorter than the drawing depicted. I trimmed down all of the vinyl and aluminum pieces with a circular saw and off we went with the installation!

Green Bay, WI

Samantha V.

We live in a really windy area and I have always had reservations about putting in a pergola. With Heartland Pergolas' hurricane clips we have a lifetime wind warranty, so I have been delighted to have a worry free experience.

Peoria, IL

Joe B.

I am in my mid-seventies and I was able to install our pergola attached to the side of our house over a brick patio with the wonderful on-line videos on your web site and the very responsive telephone support. The pergola blends in perfectly with our new home and completes our outdoor living space. We are amazed at how complete the kit is with all the caps, glue, even a cleaning sponge for the vinyl. Great investment!

Richmond, Virginia

Rachel B.

We put a pergola on our deck, complete with lighting up in all four corners. At nighttime our backyard is the most beautiful in our neighborhood, we love it!

Minneapolis, MN

Annie P.

We didn't know what a pergola was until we saw a Heartland Pergola on a friend's house, now we have one and we love it for both the shade and the look!

Crown Point, IN

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