Eyebrow Pergola Kits

Eyebrow pergolas serve to enhance your home's curb appeal! Adding texture and dimension, an eyebrow pergola can easily transform your home's exterior look. Attached above your window or doors, eyebrow pergolas can be an alternative to traditional window awnings, helping to provide a bit of shade from harsh overhead sun. Also known as; Garage Pergolas, Wall Pergolas, Window Pergolas, or Garage Trellis, no matter what you call it, check out these Eyebrow Pergola ideas and envision one for your home!

Why Heartland Eyebrow Pergola Kits?

Our eyebrow pergola systems offer a unique louvered system on top! This system uses vinyl shade profiles at a 45-degree angle to give a purposeful aesthetic to the finished product without emptying your wallet! You’ll receive tracking information on your UPS boxes once the product ships out from our facility – lead time is typically two weeks from the date of your order.

Additional Features:

  • A simple template provided for installation means only a half-day installation time.
  • Each size comes with a CAD drawing and installation drawings to help you along your way.
  • These eyebrow pergolas are able to be trimmed – you simply order one size bigger and trim them down to fit.
  • You can also splice these together – go ahead and make a 60′ long eyebrow pergola if you’d like!
  • Don’t forget you can always call our office at 563-345-6745 for installation support as well!

Get pricing for your own Eyebrow Pergola or call today and our team can assist you! 563-345-6745

Where to next?

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