Say I Do to Venue Pergolas

Outdoor Weddings to Outdoor Patios how adding a pergola can enhance your venue or commercial space!

What the Heck is an Eyebrow Pergola?

Funny name - beautiful results. How an Eyebrow Pergola can create architectural interest, curb appeal and shade for your home.

The Best Alternatives to Composite Pergola Kits

Adding an outdoor living space can enhance the value of your home and increase the enjoyment of spending time with your family - and a pergola is a great way to accomplish that. You may already have a deck or patio that is occasionally used for gatherings and cookouts, but once the sun is high in the sky, that space is no longer fun to be in, and everyone retreats inside. That trend can be reversed by providing shade and architectural interest with a beautiful pergola. Here are some of the best options for choosing a specific material type for your pergola.

The Top 10 Benefits of Installing a Pergola

Your home is not contained to the area inside your house. It also includes your entire outdoor living space. Improving the comfort and beauty of your yard might seem like a challenge when considering the standard options of decks and patios. However, installing a pergola may be a feature you haven't considered yet...

8 Stunning Pergola Entryway & Patio Design Ideas

Many people think of pergolas strictly as garden features or as an open-air structure in the yard. However, a pergola can be a beautiful enhancement to your home's entryway or patio. Pergolas have a deep history that goes back to 1400 B.C. in Egypt, and during the Italian Renaissance...

The Perfect Accent Over Garages and Windows

Your garage is functional, but what if it was equally as beautiful as it was efficient? Most house plans don't consider how to enhance the looks of an otherwise plain garage after installing the doors, but there is a component that can be added to this area that will...

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