Freestanding Pergola Kits

A freestanding pergola kit is one where it is fully self supported by its own posts. It does not need to be anchored to your home or sturcture. Most freestanding pergolas will have 4 or more posts. Our column posts come in options of a 5" square post, 7" square post or 10" round post (available on traditional style kits only).

Many homeowners dream of creating a backyard oasis but aren’t sure where to start. The transformation from a simple backyard to an outdoor living space doesn’t have to be expensive when you start with a freestanding pergola kit.

A freestanding pergola creates a well-defined outdoor space that can be as dramatic or as simple as your needs and budget. Heartland Pergolas’ customized vinyl pergolas are low-maintenance structures that can be easily installed by you or by a contractor of your choosing. Your new backyard space can be used to shelter a patio, where you can share quality time with friends and loved ones, or craft a freestanding pergola to provide shade in an outdoor kitchen complete with a stone fireplace. Our pergolas make an excellent additon to a backyard pool area, providing an inviting space to escape the sun for a few minutes. No matter how you choose to use your customized vinyl pergola, you’ll be adding beauty and function to your backyard. Call us at 563-345-6745 with any questions about freestanding vinyl pergola kits!

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